31 martie 2011

A tribute to Her Holiness Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi – The Times, 21 martie 2011

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Va reproducem astazi un articol publicat de ziua de nastere a lui Shri Mataji, la 21 martie 2011, in cotidianul britanic “The Times”, de catre sahaja yoghinii englezi, ca omagiu Celei care si-a inceput munca spirituala in Europa cu Marea Britanie, la inceputul anilor ’70.

Vom reveni cu traducerea articolului.

A tribute to Her Holiness Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

With great sadness it is announced that on 23rd February 2011 in Genoa, the Divine Mother, Her Holiness Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, took Her Maha-Samadhi and passed from this world.

Shri Mataji was born on 21st March 1923, to Christian parents directly descended from the ancient royal Shalivahana dynasty, at Chindwara in central India. Spiritually enlightened, She knew from earliest childhood that Her own unique gifts must be shared with all mankind. As a small child, She was recognised and greatly respected by Mahatma Gandhi, and lived for a time in his ashram. At university, Shri Mataji read Medicine but interrupted Her studies in order to dedicate Herself fully to the cause of Indian Independence, becoming a youth leader of the Quit India Movement.

In 1947 She married Mr C.P. Srivastava who subsequently served as Joint Secretary to India’s Prime Minister Lal Bahadur Shastri and was later elected to four terms of office as Secretary General of the United Nations’ International Maritime Organisation headquartered in London. Dr Srivastava was appointed honorary KCMG and was awarded India’s Padma Vibhushan. For many years Shri Mataji devoted Her time and care, as a loving housewife and mother, to supporting Her husband in his work and raising their two daughters. Then, with Her family settled in life, Shri Mataji embarked upon Her unique and unprecedented spiritual work.

On 5th May 1970, meditating on a beach at Nargol in Gujarat, Shri Mataji had a profound experience that opened the way for Her to start giving en-masse Self-Realisation and teaching Sahaja Yoga. Fulfilling many ancient promises and prophecies, She actualised a verifiable process by which seekers of truth could easily gain “second birth”, the direct connection with the Divine established through the awakening of the innate maternal spiritual power called Kundalini. As a result of this happening, a person may know the deepest self and enjoy the silence and peace of true meditation. She often said: “There can be no peace in the world until there is peace within”.

Shri Mataji always wanted Her disciples to become their own guru. Perhaps Her greatest achievement was to enable Her followers to pass on the same transformative experience that they had received, as one enlightened candle enlightens another. She charged no money for Sahaja Yoga, insisting that genuine spiritual enlightenment is the birthright of every human being and should be freely available to all who desire it.

For more than forty years, and even at an age when most would consider retiring, Shri Mataji ceaselessly travelled the globe, addressing crowds of thousands, bestowing the experience and knowledge of Sahaja Yoga, thereby transforming the lives of millions. For many years She lived in England, where She personally presented Sahaja Yoga programmes throughout the land in venues ranging from tiny village halls in Yorkshire to the Royal Albert Hall. Nothing was too much trouble for Her, as She laboured with supreme generosity, love and patience to give Her gift of Self-Realisation to as many as possible. She always started Her talk with the words: “I bow to all the seekers of truth”.

Shri Mataji had a deep love for the British and all that is great about these Isles, their peoples and cultures, and would often emphasise the spiritual significance of England as the New Jerusalem prophesied by William Blake, describing this country as “the Heart of the Universe”.

Shri Mataji was a profoundly knowledgeable and inspiring spiritual teacher. She was an incomparably loving Mother, as much as a gentle guide and true guru to Her followers. Uniquely engaging, amusing and eloquent as a communicator, She could nevertheless be fearlessly outspoken whenever truth required it. She was a compassionate philanthropist who established an international holistic health centre and a centre for medical research in Mumbai, along with a charitable foundation and refuge for destitute women and children in Delhi.

A great connoisseur, patron and promoter of the Arts, She founded an international classical music and arts academy at Vaitarna. She received numerous awards and commendations worldwide. Her great work of spreading Self-Realisation through Sahaja Yoga meditation in more than a hundred countries is ongoing and continues to enlighten and enrich.

Through Her life, work and teaching, Shri Mataji established a living integration of the Hindu pantheon with the other great religious traditions, thereby laying a firm and lasting foundation for cross-cultural unity, universal love and world peace.

Ayatollah Dr Mehdi Rouhani acknowledged Her as “the messenger of peace”, and Claes Nobel fittingly described Her as “avatar of the modern era”. In the hearts of Her followers, as comforter, counsellor and redeemer, She will ever remain the allcompassionate Divine Mother.

Shri Mataji is survived by Her husband, Dr C.P. Srivastava KCMG, Her daughters Kalpana and Sadhana, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and Her worldwide family of countless devotees. Her Holiness Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi has been laid to rest in India.